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Do You Have Children in Athletics? It is Time to Get Their Spine Checked!

At Precision Chiropractic and Massage, we frequently work with children and teenagers that participate in athletics.  As kids approach junior high and high school age, they take on a much more fevered approach to athletics.  These years are commonly filled with a drastic increase in the intensity and frequency of athletic participation. Some parents bring … Continue

Happy New Year – Take Control of Your Health!!

I see many clients this time of year making a commitment to their health!  We know that New Year’s Resolutions are extremely common.  They typically focus around health.  Specifically, improving diet and increasing exercise are two of the most common resolutions. I assume there are two reasons why people focus on diet and exercise this … Continue

Chiropractic & Balance: Let Us Help You Stay on Your Feet!!

Balance and equilibrium are topics that come up frequently in the office.  Many seniors struggle with balance and fear that they may have a catastrophic fall.  In other cases, younger people may also have issues with balance.  Why is this the case? Proper balance and a healthy spine and nervous system are interconnected.  At Precision … Continue

Orthotics & Foot Support: How They Improve the Health of Your Spine

At Precision Chiropractic and Massage Center, we take a “whole person” approach to your care.  That means that we do not simply give you a chiropractic treatment or a massage session.  Rather, we desire to analyze your condition and develop a solution that addresses the root cause of your issue.  Our solution may include chiropractic, … Continue

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From pain relief and wellness to injury rehabilitation and prevention, our focus is always the same — To facilitate positive, long-term change in your health by treating the underlying cause of your condition.

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As part of our goal to improve the health of others in the Ann Arbor Community, we offer all new patients a complimentary consultation.

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