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“Upon entering the office, I was a little nervous, the staff was very nice and the office had a very warm feeling. After meeting Dr. Burke, within minutes I knew I was in the right place.

He made me feel so relaxed. He is extremely knowledgeable, and took his time to talk and explain everything to me. He was gentle, warm and like I said, very knowledgeable. I actually felt so much better walking out. If your looking for a genuine caring, good chiropractor, go see Dr. Burke, you will be glad you did… I am.”

“Definitely patient oriented and collaborative care. The whole office personnel are respectful, engaged in your care, and have the utmost objective in approving your health.

I've had chiropractic adjustments here as well as massage, and they are all very skilled in their professions. You couldn't find a better place for care or comfort. I'd recommend to ANYONE. I like the activator chiropractic technique much more than manual manipulation.”

“Dr. Burke is a very friendly and knowledgeable Chiropractor who appears to be well trained in current treatment approaches.

I have been going to Precision Chiropractic since they opened and can definitely say that whenever I leave, I am always feeling much better than when I walked in. Dr. Burke and his staff are all very respectful and will make you feel at ease.

If you have pain, or are just looking for a relaxing massage, I encourage you to give Precision Chiropractic a try, you won't regret it!”

“Likely the best chiropractic care you will find in your life. Dr Burke is superb. Qualities that stand out:

— Top notch chiropractic best practices & technique. Dr Burke is certified in the Activator method, which is one of the safest and most effective forms of chiropractic treatment currently available (look it up).

— Expert knowledge of human anatomy rivaling MDs and physical therapists. This knowledge benefits clients directly via personalized exercise routines targeting your unique issues. I asked how Dr Burke knew so much about anatomy and learned he spent a few years dissecting cadavers as part of his medical training. (something most chiropractors have never done).

— familiarity with a variety of medications and medical equipment uncommon to most chiropractors give Dr Burke a more integrated understanding of general health issues (in my case, including muscular electrical equipment he was formally trained on) - son of a chiropractor, Dr Burke has had exposure to and growing passion in chiropractic care for much of his life.

— last but not least: Dr Burke is one of the rare chiropractors out there who doesn't pester clients to come in unnecessarily. His client base is strong enough that he doesn't need to grill a few customers for more money. He sets you up for self sufficiency and if you're in decent health you won't need to see him again for several months.

This raving review might sound sponsored, but I'm just a happy customer. I've received no payment, discounts, or compensation. Greatly appreciate the help I've received and want to give back by explaining why this is one of the best clinics available. If your issues are treatable via chiropractic care you will not be disappointed. Give it a try.”

“Dr. Burke helped reduce my shoulder pain I was experiencing. I was able to comfortably hold my granddaughter for longer periods of time, without pain. Thank you Dr. Burke!”

“Dr. Burke listens and takes the time to truly understand his patients.

He has provided superb care to my family and myself. He has helped us overcome health challenges and achieve our health goals.

I highly recommend his care.”

“Dr. Burke has been awesome! I never really believed in or understood chiropractic care until a friend convinced me to go for a shoulder problem. He was very thorough and took his time. I will definitely be returning!”

“I love Precision Chiropractic & Massage Center. The atmosphere is very warm and friendly and Dr. Ryan Burke took very good care of me.

I have pretty consistent Low back pain and working with Dr. Ryan kept my back pain at bay and now I only need to come in for maintenance visits.

They also provide massage therapy that works just right with your Adjustments. I highly recommend this office.”

“Easy to find, great location, welcoming staff and very friendly. I look forward to coming in every time.

Dr. Burke really knows and enjoys his craft as well as the other staff members! This place has great energy and has really helped me to feel better.”

“I've been under chiropractic care my whole life. I've had countless adjustments with various different methods and I can honestly say the best adjustment I've ever received was from Dr. Ryan Burke!

I never feel good, and I carry a lot of stress and tension in my neck and in my shoulders. Even with adjustments I never feel "good" and my neck never feels "relaxed". I wake up every day with a headache… After being adjusted by Dr. Burke I woke up feeling GREAT! I didn't have a headache! And for me that's a miracle!

I can't remember the last time I didn't have some kind of pain in my head. And for the first time in a long, long time the pain and tension in my neck and shoulders had also noticeably decreased! It made me SO happy to finally feel better!

I will continue to see Dr. Burke for a long time to come! He makes sure you feel safe and comfortable, and has a warm and gentle approach.

I'm proud to call him my chiropractor! You will be too!”

“Dr. Burke listens carefully to my concerns and has good, holistic recommendations for treatment, very good for patients that like to be involved with the decisions and treatments related to their health care.”

“Dr. Ryan Burke is a phenomenal chiropractor! He is complete, accurate and specific in both analysis and adjusting. He is also genuine, caring, and absolutely trustworthy for optimal chiropractic care. I have seen multiple chiropractors, and felt phenomenal following Dr. Burke's adjustments.

Andrea is an amazing massage therapist! One of the best massage therapists I have seen. She presents a vast knowledge of the body and musculoskeletal system, and delivers artful massage to ensure relief and optimal movement.”

“Dr. Burke is awesome! I drive from Plymouth, around 25 minutes, even thought there are a bunch of good chiropractors in my area.

One of the many things I like is that Dr. Burke doesn't do the twisting and popping type of manipulation. I especially don't like that on my neck. With his method, I feel better after I go, and I can feel the difference when I haven't gone in a little while.

Highly recommended!”

“I highly recommend Dr. Burke if you're looking for a chiropractor. He's personable, takes time to listen to your needs and most importantly, knows how to get results!

The staff at Precision Chiropractic & Massage are very professional and helpful. They make scheduling appointments easy and are always friendly. You can tell they love what they do and are passionate about helping people.

I definitely recommend them!”

“Precision Chiropractic & Massage Center is a warm and welcoming office. The staff is friendly and you can tell they enjoy what they do. Dr. Burke is very knowledgeable, friendly and warm. He truly cares about his patients and you can tell he loves what he does.”

“Dr Burke is absolutely amazing! He takes a lot of time with his patients as well.”