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It’s Spring – Get Moving!!

It has been a gorgeous spring in Ann Arbor!  At Precision Chiropractic, we have had the windows open with the sun shining, while providing exceptional care to our clients. This time of year is a reminder for many to get active and shed the extra pounds we may have gained during the long winter.  Many … Continue

Scoliosis: How We Help

Scoliosis is a term that refers to an abnormal curve in the spine.  Every single patient at Precision Chiropractic & Massage is screened for scoliosis.  Scoliosis screening is commonly completed as part of a teenager’s annual physical, or as part of a health screening for athletics.  You may be asking “Why are these screenings so … Continue

How Chiropractic Will Help Your Headaches

Headaches are awful!  They affect every part of our life.  Headaches make it difficult for us to focus on work or study, exercise and enjoy time with family.  For some individuals, headaches can be so severe it makes it difficult to function in everyday life. Headaches can be debilitating, yet they are very common. The … Continue

Meditation: How It Helps Your Spine

In my Ann Arbor office, many of my clients meditate on a regular basis.  Some individuals are an expert on the topic.  I frequently gain insight and instruction from their experience.  Most of us realize meditation offers great benefits to overall health. However, many people are surprised to learn that it can help your spine!  … Continue

Medical Doctors Are Recommending Chiropractic & Conservative Care For Low Back Pain

Recently, many of our patients have been commenting on a well-publicized article published in the New York Times regarding back pain.  The original article can be read at this link: In the past, the medical treatment for low back pain included a significant reliance on prescription pain medications such as pain killers and muscle … Continue

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