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Forward Head Posture – What is it and Why You Should be Concerned!

Most of my clients are familiar with the concept of Forward Head Posture.  It is a topic that comes up frequently in my office.  Forward Head Posture refers to changes in normal posture in the neck and upper back area.  Specifically, it refers to an individual’s head that has shifted forward (known as anterior).  This creates a hunched and forward posture.

Forward Head Posture Chiropractor Ann Arbor

Many people associate these changes with aging.  They may think that is natural to start to stoop and lean your head forward when you get older.  This could not be further from the truth!  In fact, I see many elderly individuals that have great posture.  I also meet many teenagers and children that already have Forward Head Posture.

The most common cause of Forward Head Posture is long periods of time looking down or leaning forward.  Frequently, extended use of handheld devices and laptops contribute to the problem.  Over time, these postural positions transition from being temporary to permanent.

For every inch your head is forward, the weight on your spine increases by up to 10 additional pounds.  Three inches of Forward Head Posture can be the equivalent of carrying an additional 30 pounds of weight on your head!

This additional weight places inordinate strain on the muscles in the front and back of the neck as well as the shoulders.  People frequently report many symptoms as a result of Forward Head Posture.  The most frequent symptoms include:

–       Neck Pain

–       Upper Back Pain

–       Headaches

–       Jaw Pain

–       Poor Sleeping

–       Numbness and tingling in the arms and hands

As you can see, Forward Head Posture can result in many serious conditions.  The longer Forward Head Posture exists, the more difficult it is to reverse.  Fortunately, there is help for Forward Head Posture.

At Precision Chiropractic, we work with clients to develop a tailored solution for their musculoskeletal issues.  An issue like Forward Head Posture requires a multi-faceted approach.  We start by assessing the spine for shifts in structural alignment.  We utilize computer testing (including thermography and surface electromyography) to pinpoint the exact areas needing correction.  Secondly, we use the most state of the art handheld adjusting instruments to deliver gentle yet precise corrections to the spine.

In addition to chiropractic adjusting, we may use therapeutic massage therapy in order to make effective changes to muscle tension in the neck and upper back.  Additionally, we discuss issues such as workplace ergonomics.  Lastly, we offer customized exercise programs that allow the client to continue to improve their posture and muscle tension when they are away from the office.

If you are concerned about Forward Head Posture, do not hesitate to call our office for a complimentary consultation.

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Posted By Dr. Ryan Burke

Ann Arbor Chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Burke uses state of the art equipment and analysis to deliver gentle and precise adjustments to correct structural shifts in patients' spines. A graduate of the University of Michigan and Life University, Dr. Burke has received advanced training in pre-natal and pediatric adjusting as well as clinical nutrition, functional lab testing and pediatric health disorders.

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