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Orthotics & Foot Support: How They Improve the Health of Your Spine

At Precision Chiropractic and Massage Center, we take a “whole person” approach to your care.  That means that we do not simply give you a chiropractic treatment or a massage session.  Rather, we desire to analyze your condition and develop a solution that addresses the root cause of your issue.  Our solution may include chiropractic, massage, stretching, exercise and changes in ergonomics.

Maybe people are surprised to learn that their feet play a big role in getting better.  You may be saying, “I thought this was a chiropractic office?”  You are indeed correct.  However, the feet play a major role in the health of your spine.  Let me give you a real-world example.  Let’s suppose I build a beautiful two story home.  Every portion of every wall, window, floor and staircase was built with perfect precision and alignment.  Unfortunately, there was an issue with the foundation in which caused one side to be 2 inches shorter than the rest of the house.  What do you suppose would happen to the remainder of the house?  Would the windows open effectively?  Would the walls and floor remain level?   Would water drain from the roof appropriately?  Of course, the answer to all the questions is NO.

Chiropractic Feet Orthotics Ann-Arbor

Your body is not much different.  During an initial exam, we look very closely at leg length.  Many people have one leg that is shorter than the other.  This difference in leg length can cause day to day activities to strain the knees, hips and back inordinately.  This can lead to pain, discomfort and a slew of secondary issues.

Our approach starts from the bottom and works its way up.  That means we analyze your feet, ankles, knees, and hips prior to working our way up your spine.  Just like a house, the foundation must be level to successfully treat the rest of the spine.

During the initial exam, we do a weight bearing scan of your feet to evaluate if your feet bear weight effectively.  The scan assesses the anatomy of your feet as well as how they are stressed during weight bearing.   If we find that there are issues such as pronation (i.e. falling arches), we can have custom orthotics made based on your scan.  The orthotics are quite different than what you may find off the shelf.  They are designed based on the actual anatomy of your feet and how your feet bear weight in the scan.  When the orthotics are worn, we can rest assured that your feet are bearing weight effectively and that the foundation is stable.

I have seen individuals make tremendous positive change with the use of orthotics.  It is truly incredible.  In fact, I wear my custom-made orthotics every day.  It helps me to maintain proper spinal alignment and takes the stress off my joints.

If you have a specific foot or ankle issues, I suggest you seek out care with your primary care physician or podiatrist.  My job is to make sure that your spine and nervous is functioning at optimum.  As you now understand, this requires a thorough analysis of your entire body, including your feet.

If you ever would like to obtain a weight bearing scan of your feet, do not hesitate to contact our office.  The scan is completely complimentary and is very educational.

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Posted By Dr. Ryan Burke

Ann Arbor Chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Burke uses state of the art equipment and analysis to deliver gentle and precise adjustments to correct structural shifts in patients' spines. A graduate of the University of Michigan and Life University, Dr. Burke has received advanced training in pre-natal and pediatric adjusting as well as clinical nutrition, functional lab testing and pediatric health disorders.

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